Frequently Asked Questions | Objections


Search Engines Will Find Us/We Already Rank

Sure. Under what keyword terms? How much of the site are the spiders missing?

There is a big difference between arbitrary ranking in search engine listings, and ranking for focused keyword terms. Demonstrate to the client the value of appearing under a wide variety of targeted keyword terms, as opposed to this being a random process. It is like the difference between advertising where few people are looking, as opposed to appearing on a string of billboards in prominent locations.

You could do a side by side comparison between the client and a more established competitor using graphs. If they already rank for valuable terms, try to get them to track the business derived from those rankings, and show them the upside potential of increasing rank.

We'll Have to Redesign Our Site. That Costs Money

Quite possibly.
Try to demonstrate to the client that the potential benefits outweigh the costs. One way to price organic search traffic is to use the PPC prices as a guide. It could also be argued that organic listings have a higher trust level amongst users, making the traffic potentially even more valuable.
So how much is that poor design costing them in terms of lost opportunity?

You can begin by creating a landing page that attracts new customers. This will give you customers NOW rather than later and gain new customers which will bring in more revenue to pay for your website revamp.

SEO is Expensive

Look at the value proposition. Again, show the PPC bid prices for the same keyword traffic, and show how your work effectively undercuts that price. If you can, try and get information about how much the client spends on other channels, and do a side by side comparison of the relative merits, costs and benefits. is a great tool for this.

The bottom line, with SEO, it increases visitor traffic which will reduce your monthly “spend” per visitor. With PPC, you have to spend that money EVERY TIME for a new visitor.

SEO Doesn't Work. It's A Scam!

Ask the client why they feel this way. Has the client had dealings with SEOs in the past? Seen some bad press?

Show our Video case studies that demonstrate how you've solved search marketing problems in the past. Also provide recommendations from previous clients who were happy with your work. Reframe the debate in terms of problems and solutions.

Note: There are only two reasons SEO doesn’t work:

  1. Incompetent SEO
  2. Ineffective conversion of traffic because the site has poor call to action etc.

We have a strong brand, so we don’t need SEO

This is true, so long as people only search on the brand.

But what about those searchers who are searching for generic product/service names?

I once had this objection from a well-known children’s' clothes retailer. I ran a few search reports on generic searches, such as kid’s t-shirt, babywear, etc., and showed the client the traffic numbers. I then showed the client that their site wasn't appearing under any of those terms.

But her competitors were.

Why choose one or the other when you could easily have both?

You say you have experience in our industry and are working with some of our potential competitors. How would you deal with having 2 of your clients ranking for the same/similar keyword phrases? Who would get preference in being ranked higher?

It’s impossible to rank everyone or multiple competitors for the SAME keyword. We use variant or long-tail keywords. The total of those can end up giving you even more traffic. There are many variations that visitors search on and it’s almost unlimited.

Competitor 1: Keyword Phrase – “Roofers in Seattle area”
Competitor 2: Keyword Phrase – “Find A roofer in Seattle”
YOU: Keyword Phrase – “Roofing companies located in Seattle”

We've seen your portfolio and it's extensive, but we feel what you're charging is a lot of money for SEO, especially when you consider we get many (cold) calls from other SEO companies offering SEO at a far lesser rate. Why are your rates that much higher?

What is the transactional value of a client? If we bring you several NEW accounts per month, would it be worth the investment? We are selling RESULTS and not empty and over inflated promises.

Two factors in understand the value of a client:

  1. Transactional value per client: $1,000 per new customer.
  2. Lifetime value per client: Annual revenue per new customer.

We don't have the budget for your services. Can you do a cut down version for us to get ranked on Google's first page and we'll pay you more as we grow?

We offer a 5-keyword package.

“If you got a flat tire on the road, would you fix it even if you “didn’t have the money.” Your business is running with a flat tire without SEO. We encourage to see the “value” and “return” you get with good SEO. Consider this, it’s only $26.50 per day to amplify and grow your business in organic search. Or if you go with the 5-keyword package, it’s less than $20 a day!

Company X has promised us first page rankings for keyword phrase X, but you cannot make that promise. Why?

Because keyword competition is fierce and nobody can make those guarantees with any honesty.  However, with keyword variations we can give high ranking that gets you results and makes it worth your investment and trust.

We don't require SEO after all, as we have discovered PPC instead and set it up in-house or use a service for this.

85% of people who search online TRUST the organic results MORE than paid advertising.  Only 15% of search traffic click on the ads…you are missing 85% of the traffic by only depending on PPC advertising.